Monday, January 13, 2014

Sewing For My Baby Bump: 5.5 Months along

Alright- for my family & friends it's no surprise that I have a baby on the way, though I've never officially "announced" it on my blog. 

So here it is, 
we're expecting baby #3 (lovingly known as gummy bear or baby no name) on May 12, 2014. 
Funny thing is- that's already Lily's birthday. So, six years later our lives have come full circle to another tiny bundle due on the same day I met my first tiny bundle. 

Lily is hoping for a "double birthday" and I'm certainly not opposed to it. But, babies come when they see fit so we'll see whether or not her wish comes true. :)

After realizing my halfway point had come and gone- I had a moment of panic. AGH! I hadn't made the new baby a single item. It surely cannot be welcomed without any handmade items from mommy- so last week I got busy. 

I purchased a couple of Brindle & Twig instant downloads off of Etsy and got to making this upcycled number. The grey came from daddy's old shirt & it's super soft. 

Secondly, I made a set with my signature black & white striped fabric. 

This stuff has gotten major use in spring of last year- a quick recap-

1. Sew Geeky- Ms. Pacman Dress 
2. KCW Checkin- Peach Shorts
4. A Pajama Set- I apparently never blogged this? 

5. Leggings- OR blogged this?! Well sheesh, I used it a lot. Lily even has a set of leggings. 

It only seems fair that the baby gets it's own black and white outfit. If you can't tell, the trend is gender neutral as we won't be finding out the sex this time around. I'm forgoing the ultrasound completely to keep myself from the temptation.

I also got really excited about sewing the outfits and sewed up two extra's - one girls and one boys that I placed in my Etsy shop MaeandCo. 

I'll be adding other items ... more pairs of pants & other sizes of the outfits will likely be the next up but I'm certainly not going to limit to baby clothing. Keep an eye out! Or contact me via the shop for a custom order. 

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