Friday, January 3, 2014

Lily's Winter Outfit Revealed

Happy 2014 everyone! 

This post is coming late, as I mentioned last week, because of a computer issue. 
I will say, being without my computer for over a week was gruesome. All of my patterns are stored on here and all of my photo editing software is downloaded here etc etc ... it was like being stuck in a cave. So, I'm super happy to have an awesome husband who fixes all my technical dilemma's so I don't complain for too long. :) 

For Lily's outfit I created a pair of skinny jeans in this gorgeous blossom bottomweight that had a bit of stretch to it. These were my first pair of "real" jeans for her and I really love them. 

I used Little Lizard King's vest pattern to create this pink wool vest with a white linen lining. 
I like being able to layer in winter, since being in Iowa is a frigid experience. 

The undershirt was purchased at the thrift shop for about a dollar fifty though it was ill-fitting. I slimmed it down to better suite her shape and now it's a pretty handy undershirt. 

Lastly I paired it with this little white skirt to let her girly side be satisfied. This way, we both end up happy. I get the warm clothing that makes me feel like she's dressed appropriately for our weather but she gets to feel glam. We've actually gotten a ton of use out of these pants and I have another pair cut out and ready to sew up. I couldn't help but find another floral bottomweight to make them in. 
Me? Prints? Yeah, I'm a little surprised- but new things are happening around my house. More than what I've let you all know. I'll save that fun for another post. 

Stay tuned for more sewing fun in 2014!


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    1. I'm really excited to make her another pair of the pants- they're perfect for tucking into boots!


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