Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall Basics: Go To Legging + Recess Raglan

A few weeks ago I purchased a few patterns for Lily's Fall wardrobe. 
I chose the Go-To Leggings because she basically lives in stretch pants during the winter time and my main goal of sewing is to make things that she WANTS to wear and enjoys. 
She LOVES them& has told me so at least three times. 
& then later I purchased The Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew. 

Here's the first pair of leggings I made in grey stripes. Oooh look how nicely they line up! 
They were great, but I wasn't pleased with the type of elastic I used. It was kind of stiff and although they fit well, she says they're tight in the waist. (probably because the elastic doesn't have the best stretch) 

I even utilized my double needle for some fanciness. 

So... when I went to make the second pair (not pictures due to her wearing them ALL THE TIME), I used 1 inch fold over elastic because it stretched much better and was softer.  This floral pair is the third sewn.

The Recess Raglan is insanely quick to sew and awesome. This is my third one though it's the first I've posted on the blog. You'll be seeing the other two later on. I have nothing but great things to say about both of these patterns. 

I'm in love with this floral knit purchased on my trip to Denver a few months back. 
I made the Kikoi Polka Dot Dress from this fabric and had plenty left. 
I'm sad to say there may only be enough left to make a small pair of leggings or maybe some contrast sleeves etc.

Lily has requested that I put a heart in beads on it. I may try to persuade her to make it a flower. You know, because of the floral print& whatnot. 
Who knows if I'll be successful, she has a mind of her own& today when I asked her to change her shirt because the one she was wearing looked like it was a size 2t, she looked at me very seriously and said "Mom, I'm my own person." Why yes you are my love. So, the shirt stayed on. 
I love her. 

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