Wednesday, December 8, 2010


6a00d83495455153ef0133eda32469970b320wi.jpgAfter moving from Iowa, I told my fiance that when he moved out (a few months behind me) I refused to keep our mattress. Yep. I refused to move such an old dirty piece of shit, so once he got here we immediately went to purchase a new one. It took a few weeks to get shipped but its like a coma creation center in my room now. I have always been a heavy sleeper and let me tell you, this didn't help. Poor Chet is stuck getting up with Lily every weekend while I remain comatose. This last weekend was no different. Both Chet and my sister Jess were up with Lily and Jess's daughter. I was dead to the world. So Jess has been telling me how I missed out. She swore that I needed to ask Lily to watch the introduction credits to the movie Totoro because she swears that Lily sat and sang all the words. Now, when asked to do anything Lily does the exact opposite. Here's her and Brea getting down to the song, she didn't sing all the words but she could go pro with Brea as her back up dancer. <3

Sunday, December 5, 2010

more fun pop up cards

Back to the old card making again. We have a lot of birthdays, get well's, etc and because I work with students I'm able to play with the idea of making cards all day long... its actually a huge perk to working in the school system. Not that there are many perks in this career, but hey i'll take anything I can get.
Here are some of the recent cards I've made..