Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Spring Wardrobe // Lily

Before we take the kids to the circus, I thought I would drop in and show you what I have been up to lately.
 Well, some of what I have been up to.

I keep alternating between birthday clothing (for lily's themed bday party in May) and spring wardrobe. Sprinkle in a few newborn presents and some fun projects and you've got my general movements in the last two weeks. 

Here  is the accumulation of lily's spring wardrobe at this time. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy First Birthday

Hello, I have been very busy this week. 

I was also computer free for a bit. It wasn't a challenge or anything. Ok, it was a challenge, but I didn't GIVE the challenge to myself. My son who slobbers on anything semi-interesting kept nabbing all of my electronics cords and finally shorted a few of them out. Of course they were my mac and iphone cords because that's just how life works when you aren't ready for it. Right? Right. 

I have been busy working on my daughters spring outfits. I finished drafting and creating the first sleeveless button up. Now I've moved on to the first pair of knickers. I plan on making a couple of each of them, since they definitely fit my style. 

Also, it was my son's first (FIRST!) birthday on Wednesday. Ugh, I was just falling apart the morning of. Crying, sad, and completely feeling like I had lost my baby. Today, I feel a little better. I still don't want him to grow up yet but I'm taking it slow and trying to spend extra time snuggling and playing with him. I also need to buckle down on his baby book.  I keep *making it a point* to do all of these things. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

First plush pony

Hi guys! Last week on k.i.d.s. there were so many awesome kid inspired ideas. I loved watching the children draw something to be created. So, i had lily draw me what her perfect lily style my little pony would be.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Blazer

Good Morning! 

I am So SO SO happy to be finished with this piece that I'm showing you today. 

I've been trying to utilize my patterns to make a spring wardrobe for my two monsters. This pattern comes from Melly who has created a great pattern called the Blank Slate Blazer. 

I started by making my son a blazer using the pattern... which was a bit of a struggle. I have been really trying to branch out of my norm, and this blazer really helped me do it. 

At first I was frustrated, but really this shouldn't be placed as a fault on the pattern. It was user error. First, you have to really read her intro to understand all the steps. In the intro she explains that you have to use interfacing and how to create a contrasting lapel. Totally important so don't skip over it!