Friday, February 17, 2012

March Birthday Cards& other musings

4 weeks until Archer is due to come& what am I busying myself with?
Oh, there are a lot of things. The car seat& stroller set came yesterday& thanks to the hubby it's put together and waiting to be wheeled about. 
Finished his blanket and matching boppy cover. 
But yesterday I looked at my [wonderful] birthday calendar/card organizer and found that in March alone we have some 5 birthdays. 
So I pulled out all of my supplies and started to make cards hoping that it will curb any frustration for when he first gets here so I'll be able to relax and spend much needed time with our little man. 

I thought to share them with you, enjoy <3

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

*New & IMPROVED Valentines Day Dress (take 2)

HOOOORAY! I was able to finish Lily's Valentines Day dress (as I have mentioned:: this is #2 due to the original dress being too snug in the arms:: poor girl didn't have any room to move) ... I'm really glad this one was a success and we were able to put it on her for the big day, despite setbacks such as an accident while trying it on the night before vday which = mom doing laundry till 10pm :/

Valentines Day Dress made from a Mens Button Up

I keep these pouffy skirts in almost every basic color
because she loves big dresses and I can instantly make
any ::regular:: dress super big and pretty. 

Smashbook !!

I've been loving up my smashbook lately. Probably because CHA and checking out all the new products they have come out with; a baby book smashbook?? Oh this could be fun! 
I felt like if I was going to invest in a *new one then I should probably be better about using the one I got um, last august? I've thrown things here and there in it, but lately I've been printing quite a few photos and trying to incorporate them into the book. 

**note: Walgreens is terrible when printing instagram photos. Any suggestions as to a better place to print? 

So here's my work in progress: I love pulling in techniques I see from the master scrappers (scrapbookers who I am constantly amazed by).

Top Left: picture and leftover button from lily's Valentines dress:: Picture
she drew for me that folds out:: Top Right: love this technique used
by KP where you cut up a pic and round the corners
Bottom Left: Article on Plastic containers (they are BAD) that
I wanted to keep:: Photo of the snow we got <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tiny Valentines Hair Bows

Was working on quite a few projects today ... making a new valentines day dress for Lily (I just couldn't get the arm holes large enough to be comfortable//lesson learned), valentines day bows, and a CCL birthday card swap. 

The bows turned our so cute. 
I decided that I would share them with everyone. <3

this pink & black one is oh so lovely. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines Day Dress

After successfully making my first mens dress shirt ----> toddler dress I thought I was set to make another one. Wow, these things are fun but the pattern you use makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Let me go into detail :
1. Do NOT use a knit dress as your pattern dress. The men's button up doesn't stretch (i'm smacking my head with this one, its a huge DUH moment)
2. Make sure you add seam allowance, especially to the armpits
3. If all else fails, have scraps and your thinking cap handy because you might just need to get crafty. 

So here's my second go at this project.   :)

Finished Dress; It has a lot more flair to the skit but
was hanging quite flat.
At the end I added the heart to the breast so it would be super lovey for Valentines Day. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank You Thank You Thank You

How many curve balls can this winter throw us? Last week we experienced 55-60 degree weather and then today it dumped 4+ inches of snow. It was absolutely beautiful though! 

The lovely view I woke up to!