Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Saffron Twirl Dress by Zafarani Designs; mini flip

Good morning!! 

I have been quiet for SUCH a long time because my computer has been in the shop being fixed (sad face). No, it's not fixed but I found a dinosaur computer of my husbands (probably from the late 80's) and decided I can't live without access to a computer ANY LONGER. Talk about first world problems. I feel lost and uninspired when I can't check in on what everyone is doing& can't download or print my pdf patterns. AAAAGH! 
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, well technologically this rang true for me. 
I missssssed you guys! 

SO, without further adieu, my version of the Saffron Twirl Dress! <--click to view her Etsy page!

(minus the cool edits since ye old dinosaur has no editing programs)

I was super lucky to pattern test this BEAUTIFUL dress. It rocks a v neck front with a stunning open back that makes it great for special occasions. 
The sash comes in two sizes, a shorter& longer length. I used the long length for the big bow look. 
To emphasize the gorgeous flow from neckline to back, I added a ribbon detail to the edge. 

I loved how she made each size available to print on it's own rather than printing all the sizes in a layered format. Seems like a trivial detail, but when your printing a 4t you end up doing a lot of printing/cutting/taping only to cut nearly all of it off! So, before printing, check which pages your size is on and save some ink&trees. It will make your wallet happy. 

**ALSO** Zafarani is holding a sale for $6.00 until Monday August 26.**
After that, prices move to $9.00, though really it's $1 per size, whaa? Yes, she's a generous woman. 
Sizes range from 6/12mo.- size 8.

The pattern calls for a button enclosed back but I switched it up by adding a small bow & handstitching it into place and also attached the sash to tie in the back. Zafarani was so nice to let us have fun& be imaginative on the first go. 

If you've been wishing for an easy-intermediate dress with that *something extra* look no further. 
The full skirt goes over wonderfully with my daughter and the sewing time (around 1.5 hours for me) fit perfectly into my free time. 

You can also view GINGERDIMPLES versions (yes, she made multiple!) of the dress to get a better understanding of how versatile it is. Just click her name, seriously guys- this chick is funny& I love her versions. Can you say Halloween? I won't divulge more.. you'll have to click & see for yourself!

Yet another amazing pattern tester was the lovely lady behind Ali Cat& Co. <--Click away clickster
This overachiever made 3 of the dresses and has a great tutorial on how to switch up the neckline to a squared neckline or a standard curved neckline. (please disregard that they are blowing me out of the water) 


  1. I just love this! The dainty dress and the cowgirl boots are perfect together. Amazing pics, too. You'll need to frame some of these bad boys!

  2. Well thank you ladies, you are always so encouraging! <3 <3 <3


  3. I loved your version of this wonderful dress!
    The fabric is absolutely gorgeous and the contrasting pink pieces give it that extra something...
    I hope to sew a winter version very soon...

    1. Thanks Marta! I would LOVE to see a winter version of this dress, i'll keep my eye out for it!


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I just love using vintage florals& her pattern is really eye-catching. I was really excited to get to pattern test it!



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