Friday, March 16, 2012

CAS Fathers Day Card

Back again and ready to share a Father's Day Card I put together once I got my "Its A Man's World" stamp set from Sweet Stamp Shop. Truly though, this card came to mind before I ever ordered the set. I set eyes on its cute little bow ties& my mind went crazy with all the cute stuff I could do with it. 
This is just the first one I have put into action.

In fact, if my ATG tape refills were here I'd probably be having a crafty day putting together lots of cards. (I've resorted to cutting everything out and laying them to wait) 

I just adore how well these bow ties stamped to pattern paper
giving them lots of life! 

The GREEN has come out in me!

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, which is such a fun holiday. I wish I could be drinking a pint with the gang but it's well worth waiting till the next occasion! Instead, I have been channeling my creativity into a card for my grandmother in law, who's 90th birthday is tomorrow. yep- she's a lucky St. Patty's Day baby. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New GOoDieS = Fun Card!

I absolutely LOVE getting goodies in the mail. It's a great way to get inspired. 
First I got a package of awesome paper products from Made By Mish, a woman who's blog is full of great cards using the products she has in her shop. I'm not even sure how I came to follow her, but it's been one of my favorite blogs to read. She recently did a post on combining border punches to add fun elements; ugh so cute! 

Then, I got a package today of stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop. I saw some creations on another blog I follow and just had to order some of their products. I bought four stamp sets: 
1: It's a Man's World
2: Spectacle 
3: Old School Rock
4: Watchin' Tv

I was super excited to use them, especially with the great paper goodies. 
Here's what I made: 

I'll be adding a bookstore gift card to this tiny bag.

Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Patrick's Day! Card

I've been so excited for my little St. Patrick's Day package (the baby of course!) that I can hardly stand it. In order to stay sane I've been keeping myself awfully BUSY! 

  1. Made& entered an Easter card into CCL's 

2. Fixed a zipper& button on my husband's friends jeans. I was so proud to have mastered the zipper. 

3. Made a lovely St. Patrick's Day Card for CPS based on this challenge photo:

I created this card::

Friday, March 9, 2012

CCL Happy Birthday Card Swap

Just a quick update since I was really excited to receive my package from Deb over at CCL (creating the crafty life: linked on the right of my page). This was the first swap I have participated in, & it was so much fun. Since everyone seems to have received their packages I wanted to quickly show you 
one of the cards I sent to the group. I'd love to share the second but I realized I didn't photograph it! (aagh, how frustrating)

Once again thank you so much Donna, Paula, Marie, & Sandi for their lovely creations. It was such a fun package to get! 

I chose a simple layout; Hopefully this allows
the ladies to incorporate a photo of the

Just a quick example of how a picture would
add some spunk to the card!

Quick Simple Clean Birthday Card

Hi& Happy Friday!!

Even though I'm not working, i absolutely love the weekends. It's my 2 days to have the family home and no house work. Since I'm still waiting patiently for baby boy to make his move& come I spent today making a few birthday cards for April birthdays. 

I love using layers/etc but today I wanted to work a bit on keeping things REALLY simple. &I don't think I could have kept it any more simple than this!  

To add some icing without putting too
much color, I used glossy accents