Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Patrick's Day! Card

I've been so excited for my little St. Patrick's Day package (the baby of course!) that I can hardly stand it. In order to stay sane I've been keeping myself awfully BUSY! 

  1. Made& entered an Easter card into CCL's 

2. Fixed a zipper& button on my husband's friends jeans. I was so proud to have mastered the zipper. 

3. Made a lovely St. Patrick's Day Card for CPS based on this challenge photo:

I created this card::


  1. Great cards!! Thanks for playing along with us this week at CPS!!

    1. Thanks, I'm excited to continue with them& have really enjoyed looking into everyone else's entries!

  2. hola!!
    me encanto tu tarjeta
    linda! NICE!!
    la mía ya está publicada
    por si me quieres pasar a ver!!
    hugs from Chile

    (no haz pensado en eliminar el verificador de palabras?
    te aseguro que recibirías más mensajes!!)

  3. Your cards are great! I think crafting is a terrific way to pass the time before your baby comes.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my Koi card. It really made my day as I strive to do things in my own unique way and you recognizing that meant a lot to me. Thanks again!


  4. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I'm still new at card-making. It's all very much hit and miss... mostly the latter! Your cards, on the other hand, are super cute. Thanks for sharing.


    PS - Wishing a safe arrival of your precious "package!"

  5. Beautiful bright colors - Please link up with me at 52 Card Pickup!


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