Saturday, July 22, 2017

SS17 from Mae & Co.

It's been a busy spring with lots of new items being designed and made, as well as lots of great markets. I was ecstatic to continue working with photography Raelyn Ramey this season. Not only did we get to shoot in her new studio that's got gorgeous light, we also were able to come out to my farm and get the kids busy catching frogs and splashing in the pond. 

There are a ton of great photographs to share so we'll start out with the big kids collection and work our way down. 

I'll be honest, I had made it a point not to use my own kiddos in photoshoots. I absolutely love having them, but I wanted to be able to focus on the shoot and not appeasing them to coerce a smile. This year I tried allowing my youngest in, and holy cuteness. She did great! So, you may be seeing this little face a bit more as I prepare to release my fall items. 

I put her into one of my favorite dress styles made in a fabric featuring squid and octopuses. This simple dress with a gathered waist is perfect for summer. I've made quite a few over the years because my girls have found it to be very comfortable and I love how they look a little dressed up, even when they pair it with rain boots. haha!

Ms. Personality (aka Cici) was so great to work with! For her I chose a new dress that has quickly become a favorite style. It's loose fitting which is great for longer than normal wear and comfort, and it features some truly amazing finishes on the inside for a really stunning and beautiful piece. 

To continue with the nautical theme, I chose a gorgeous cotton fabric printed with adorable whales. This dress also has a bonus - the tiny treasure pocket is just waiting for sticks or flowers or pebbles. 

The last big kids item for SS17 was a unisex knit romper that is made for adventures. The loose fit and soft fabric lets kids get out and run, as you can see! The sand dollar print on dark brown really made me think of those last few moments of sun after a long day of playing. 
Although some of these items are nearly sold out, the remaining inventory has been listed in my shop. 
You can visit my homepage MAE & CO. and hit the "shop" button to snag one of these items before they're gone for good. 
I'll be back to finish showing off those adorable baby items and in the meantime if you'd like to get sneak peeks into what's getting created for fall visit my instagram page HERE


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