Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project Run & Play Guest Post: Pinafore Dress + Tutorial

Since I've been busy busy busy here at home enjoying summer weather and homeschooling the kids I thought I would throw up this guest post I did last month for Project Run& Play. I was really excited when they asked me to blog for them& it's these little encouragements that keep me moving forward. 

Thanks PR&P!

For this project I chose to share one of the spring garments I created for my daughter. I was really inspired this season by dainty floral prints, vintage clothing patterns, and the color navy blue. 
I chose to share the pinafore dress. It's a fully lined, super simple& classic dress. It's so great for a growing child (the straps = longer wear).

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tshirt Upcycles &nonsense

It's finally summer!! I mean like, sustained warm weather not torrential downpour summer. 
There's so much awesomeness that comes with summer that I haven't sat down in front of my computer much. It seems so difficult to pull away from gardening with my husband or eating ice cream on the front steps with the kids... but I do miss being here and sharing all the fun. 

So I'll attempt to sit down more in the evenings instead of zoning on the latest show. 

I'm not a huge television fan anyways.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Grey & Bows for Summer (Dress)

Have I ever told you guys that my least favorite part of blogging is ...
writing a heading for my post? I can never decide whether to keep it serious so I can recognize it later (and so you can easily see what the post is about) or if I should lean towards funny or try and think of a good pun or a hint to entice the reader... Eh, whatever. I think I probably find that middle point, you know the awkward one. 

Moving past that, I was chatting with a lovely group of ladies about sewing yesterday because I was in a predicament.
 I have kind of run out of things to sew my kids right now. How horrific.
 I mean, I have projects that could get done, don't get me wrong. Curtains could be made for the master bedroom, probably could use a few new throw pillows for the front room, etc etc. Those things have to wait because we just finished vacation ($$$) and I'm not willing to go run out and buy more fabric to do them. 
Or to try and actually make a choice on WHAT fabric I want for them. 
You know, basic procrastination with a pinch of justification. 

So I finally came to the conclusion (with their help), that I should try another me project. 
I bought the worlds softest material almost a month ago along with this pattern:

McCall's 6359

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Ms.Pacman Dress for Sew Geeky

I was on vacation last week and couldn't help but sneak onto blogger to check in on everyone. 

&I'm so glad I did!!

Did you guys know that Max California & Sew Chibi are doing a new series called Sew Geeky?
You probably do, huh.

Well, I was so frustrated that I couldn't create anything RIGHT THEN. 
So, when I got home my hubs and I sat down and looked at all the awesome new patterns I had won during the Fabric Matching competition. He looked through my fabric and threw out ideas (really great ones too!) & together we came up with an awesome design using the Ivy Dress from Peekaboo Pattern Shop . <--- click to visit their shop 

I won a 5 pack of patterns & it is what Lily picked for herself. <3
She's completely thrilled with it.