Saturday, June 8, 2013

Grey & Bows for Summer (Dress)

Have I ever told you guys that my least favorite part of blogging is ...
writing a heading for my post? I can never decide whether to keep it serious so I can recognize it later (and so you can easily see what the post is about) or if I should lean towards funny or try and think of a good pun or a hint to entice the reader... Eh, whatever. I think I probably find that middle point, you know the awkward one. 

Moving past that, I was chatting with a lovely group of ladies about sewing yesterday because I was in a predicament.
 I have kind of run out of things to sew my kids right now. How horrific.
 I mean, I have projects that could get done, don't get me wrong. Curtains could be made for the master bedroom, probably could use a few new throw pillows for the front room, etc etc. Those things have to wait because we just finished vacation ($$$) and I'm not willing to go run out and buy more fabric to do them. 
Or to try and actually make a choice on WHAT fabric I want for them. 
You know, basic procrastination with a pinch of justification. 

So I finally came to the conclusion (with their help), that I should try another me project. 
I bought the worlds softest material almost a month ago along with this pattern:

McCall's 6359

I saw it on another blog using a gorgeous feather fabric. I actually saw the exact fabric on clearance at Joann's but opted not to copycat. Instead I chose the softest grey. In retrospect I wish I would have added a liner bc it's going to require nude undergarments. 

I chose to do View C of the pattern but I lengthened the it +7 in. to create a dress rather than a top. (Mb leggings will help the sheerness?)
For the contrast yoke I used a white lace with a bow pattern. Originally I bought it for a dress for lily, and I think I should have enough to do that ... if not a dress will be created in a small size for a newborn gift or something along those lines. 

So, the dress isn't finished. I worked on it yesterday/last night leisurely in between creating a muslin for a flower girl dress. I thought I'd toss it up as an "in progress" post because I rarely ever take the time to do that. 

What do you think? Aren't the bows cute?

 I've had a few issues with my serger "eating" it. I mean, this stuff is smooth like butter and the machine doesn't seem to want to pull it through. Rather, I have to pull it through FOR the machine and make sure I'm doing it evenly & without hesitation.

It has been a bit of a stress. 
I realize that I don't seem to buy "easy" fabrics. 
Instead, I am drawn to expensive, difficult to work with, but amazing fabric. It's a blessing and a curse. 
I end up learning quite a bit, but boy does it create some stress along the way.

I wonder which is better, choosing easy fabrics to have a better chance of sewing correctly or challenging ones that you love?

I'm mulling over some fit changes. I like the back. &I already added a bit more curve to the body ... it looked similar to a potato sack with the original seams. A nightgown potato sack is a better description. The curves helped with it, but I still think it needs more definition in the front. Like a little rushing between the breasts? 

There really isn't much left to do. 
I will probably finish the binding first, consider the length a bit more and whether I should leave the bottom unfinished& finally play with the rushing in the front before calling it good.

THEN I hope to be posting a wearable piece for you all to see soon. 
Wish me luck!


  1. I have the same pattern. I even have the material but have put off working with it. It just seems easier to sew for my kids. Yours looks good.

    1. I'm really dragging my feet with this dress as it was sitting on my dress form in this condition until today when i finally started finishing the neck and arms. It went much better than I expected!


  2. I love those bows so much! You are going to look so flipping adorable in this. Can't wait to see it all finished =)


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