Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tshirt Upcycles &nonsense

It's finally summer!! I mean like, sustained warm weather not torrential downpour summer. 
There's so much awesomeness that comes with summer that I haven't sat down in front of my computer much. It seems so difficult to pull away from gardening with my husband or eating ice cream on the front steps with the kids... but I do miss being here and sharing all the fun. 

So I'll attempt to sit down more in the evenings instead of zoning on the latest show. 

I'm not a huge television fan anyways.

I've been creating a few new summer tees for the little guy. 
He seriously needed some and I was in a rut bc the knit situation hasn't gotten any better. I attempted to shop for awesome knits in Florida, but alas they only had a Joann's near me& that's the same as what I buy here. I did get a wrinkled pink fabric, but obviously it's for Lily. 

Anyways.. so I broke the rut. I had an epiphany one day. Like a duh moment really. I have a whole box full of old clothes (me/hubby/clothes gifted/etc) that are used for upcycles& i hadn't even thought to dig through and downsize some of daddy's old tees. Dad usually wears them till I force him to give them up, but he's so tiny I can move my pattern around to avoid stains/rips. 

That last one was fun to screen-print. It came out so nice and I only had to google search a cougar and sketch one I liked. The cutting took a bit of time, though I think it was well worth it. I like some of his shirts to have the "store bought" cool feeling. &this was an old long sleeve shirt I had that was really soft& thin. Not great for winter actually& the neckline came undone causing it to go to "the pile." 

Finally here's a finished muslin of the flower girl dress. I have to make some adjustments to the bodice and size it down a little, but I feel like it will end up being gorgeous. Her fabric is much nicer than this, even though i really like this fabric. It just doesn't do hers justice. Especially the $22/yrd beading that she got for the straps, it's lovely. I'm nervous and excited to be working with such pretty stuff. 

Hope you all are doing well. If you are here in the states, you'll likely be out swimming and enjoying the summer with us. If your overseas where it's getting colder, enjoy the turning leaves for me. 

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