Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Baby Card

Hello all, I hope I'm catching you on a wonderful day! Here at my house we were up kind of early ... my day varies on when children wake up... today it was 630am, but other days I get a little more sleep& get up at 7:15am. I'm very lucky to have children who occasionally sleep in. <3 

Yesterday during my craft time aka naptime, I was messing with this banner that was leftover from a Fathers Day Frame made by my sister. She had been using the piece of scrap paper to test out mists, but it looked really cool. I decided to take it and make a new baby card... which is a type of card I rarely ever make. (not sure why... lack of stamps?) well, I had picked up two mini stamp sets at hobby lobby & thought I should show them some love. This one is a sentiment of congrats& had the little whale on it. Very simple but fun for baby. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fathers Day& Photo Frames

Hi everyone! What a gloomy quiet Saturday we are having here in Iowa. I'm updating with a few recent projects, first up is the Fathers Day t-shirt I helped the kids make dad this year. 

I love love love using freezer paper to make my own screenprints. If you haven't heard of this technique, you need to check it out. I also made Archer boy a onsie of pictures that Lily drew for him:: an idea I picked up from Delia Creates Blog. Lovely blog she has over there! 

You will need:

Freezer paper
an Xacto knife
Permanent Acrylic Paint 
Foam Brushes
Iron/Ironing Board

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You are so thoughtful.. Card

I'm here today with a simple but oh so sweet card that I made up earlier this week based off of a card I pinned that looked like this ... 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hello! I'm here today with a card that I made earlier this week during a card-a-palooza session. All that really means is that I had a few hours of free time & got down to business on some cards lol. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

CPS #269

Afternoon!! You know, when I'm at home with the kids running here and there & stopping to look at my blog... there are some days when NO ONE is posting. Out of the numerous blogs I follow, everyone will be silent for some few hours& of course I'm multitasking it up here at home going
"DANG! Where is everyone?!

So, I go up to my craft room during my next little break (usually nap time) & create. Then, I come back down, take a snapshot& upload so all of you yelling the same thing at your computer have something to look at. lol 

Today, I made a cute card for CPS... I've just loved their inspiration cards this time around & had to get going on my own!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just to Say Hello Card

Afternoon everyone! This has been such a slow posting week for me, partly because family is in town & also because I'm home with the children full time now! It takes a bit of getting use to and later I will have some updates on curriculum I've created for my 4yr. old while homeschooling. I've got about ... oh 4 weeks? worth of lesson plans to blog about including some great pictures and activities.. I think I will make a week out of those posts! 

BUUUT... back to the card.