Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thread Cutterz Ring Review and Giveaway

Hey guys! 

Hope you're gearing up for a killer 4th of July or just a killer weekend if you aren't in the states! I plan on spending the day doing yard work and breaking for mixed drinks and embroidery. I've been doing a lot more stitching on the go, and now I have a great product to share with you to make those impromptu sewing moments as easy as they SHOULD be. 

This little tool is called a Thread Cutterz Ring. Instead of keeping my little nippers in my lap while sewing, I'm able to slip it on and keep track of my cutter at all times. It's been such a time saver not to mention a huge stress relief!

With a 1 yr. old and a 3 yr. old around me all the time, my scissors and any other sharp objects become a big stress. I'm constantly double checking that I didn't stand up and drop them or that no one has snagged them when I wasn't looking. With the Thread Cutterz Ring I can slip it on, stay focused on my project, and still get a really close cut on my thread. 

To cut, you make a small loop and hook it on either side of the ring, pull and boom- cut thread. Because the blade is on either side, left handers will enjoy this just as much as us righties. Also, the recessed blade makes it impossible for you to get injured. So, if the kids ever did get ahold of it I wouldn't have an instant heart attack.  It works perfectly for my embroidery thread and yarn for those knitters/crocheters who may be wondering. 

As you can see I can cut my threads at about 1/4 of an inch from my knot, pretty impressive!

The only issue I've run into is how easily you can forget you're wearing the ring. It certainly wouldn't matter if you wore it around like normal jewelry, but the first time I forgot I had it on I was silly enough to take it off and slip it into my pocket. That left me searching for it for a day or two (and missing it a lot!). So, make sure you get it back into your sewing supplies or rock it like a diamond, just don't put it in your pocket. haha!

Disclaimer: I was given the Thread Cutterz Ring in return for a review, though my opinions are my own. I've recommended this ring to my sewing friends and my readers because I think it's a really awesome tool!

You can see more rings in action on the Thread Cutterz Facebook Page as well as on their Instagram Feed (where I saw them first). These are available for immediate purchase/shipping on the Thread Cutterz Website. Since this is a new company, they are also looking for dealers to carry them!

NOW, lets give one of them away!

To enter, leave me a comment below (just ONE) and tell me what you'll be doing this weekend.
Easy, right?!

I'll be back on Sunday to pick a winner!


  1. I'll be going to the park, a cookout,cleaning, and quilting this weekend.

  2. Quiet time at home. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  3. I have no idea! Family is coming, family reunion might be monday and I may have a good friend coming!

  4. Enjoying summer :) And, getting back behind my sewing machine!

  5. I will be selling at the art and farmer's market here in El Paso. Then hanging out with the fam, having a bbq and watching the fireworks. Sunday is church day. It will be a nice relaxing weekend. I just have to get all of my sewing done before then!

  6. That looks amazing! I can't wait to try one (whether I win it or just hunt one down!) Unfortunately, no exciting plans here, I will be packing ;( But I wish I was sewing up something fun and cute!

    1. beth you ARE my winner! please contact me at achristie87@gmail.com since yourprofile doesnt seem to be linked to an email. :) Congrats!!

    2. beth you ARE my winner! please contact me at achristie87@gmail.com since yourprofile doesnt seem to be linked to an email. :) Congrats!!

  7. love it! Took the kids to family breakfast, lego play with the family. hoping to cut some patterns

  8. We had family fun day with some traveling yesterday for the 4th, and today I'm working on a custom order for a birthday boy!

  9. Fireworks, beach, parks, mini golf, ice cream! It was a super fun weekend! But now I'm exhausted!

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