Friday, June 5, 2015

Upcycled Vintage Sheets

Boy, getting back into the groove of blogging has been such a struggle after having Skye, ahem, a year ago. So, I was piling up projects for The Lucky Star Market that I was a vendor for last weekend and staring at all the items made me a tad sad. No, I'm not going all sappy about it, but know that I do love sharing everything I make with the sewing community. I was sad because I gained so much inspiration from the seamstresses I found online, and that's really what pushed me to keep making and failing and making again. I really like it when I get to give something back. Even if it's simply something beautiful for others to enjoy, and that small moment inspired me to take time to write up some new content.  

I'll start it off with a great find from the thrift store... a vintage Disney sheet rocking Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck (with those two nephews.. Hewey and dewey right? Is that how you spell Hewey?)  This sheet is such a throw back to childhood and though I had an entire list of other projects I wanted to get done, I tossed that thing aside and made upcycled clothes.

I started by making a couple of 6m pinafores.  

Then, I set the fabric aside though I couldn't get it out of my head. I was feeling unfinished with it, but I wasn't sure what else to make... until I thought about my FAVORITE item from SS15 - the floral romper - and decided I needed to make them in Disney fabric too. 

The photos on the sheets were quite large and I wanted something big enough to showcase them well.  They turned out so fun!

I tried to get a few different character on the front, all without wasting any of it.  I *think* I can still squeeze out ONE more 3-6 month romper or a couple of bodices before it's all gone, but I'm holding onto it for now. I can't seem to bring myself to cut that last chunk yet. Then yesterday, my sister who lives in a much bigger city than I, sent me a message with a few new prints to send me. It should be fun!

Oh yeah, Happy Friday!

Ah, and before I go I wanted to say that I realized that when I changed my Instagram name a few months ago that I hadn't updated my blog- meaning that if you tried to hit the "follow me" instagram button in my sidebar you received an error message. OH MAAAAN. So, the links back up and running- and if you enjoy IG as much as I do, follow me! ;)

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