Thursday, January 17, 2013

PR&P Challenge (number)2

I hope everyone is enjoying the sew along. 

I certainly had a difficult time piecing together this outfit. 
But look, I did it. & again, it was on time! 

The Liebster Award

Good Morning ! 
I am really honored to be nominated for the Liebster Award. 

I will go ahead and post Sewing Mama RaeAnna's description, since it was very well put. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Still working!!

Hi! I'm still here, and I'm still working. This has been a particularly busy week at homeschool because on Monday and Tuesday we had a friend of mine's son here with us.
We especially had fun on Tuesday because we went and visited the zoo. It wasn't too cold& the kids ran like mad. A mothers dream.

And today we were lucky enough to have a newborn baby, Katherine, here to play with us. She's just the sweetest little sleeper, i feel so odd not "playing" with her. How could i forget the blob days of my little man simply sitting and observing? 9 months moves by so quickly.

Through all of our visitors, I have been slowly trucking on my stripes and polka dots entry for the second challenge of project run and play. I made a couple of changes to my line up ...

First, I had misunderstood the challenge and thought that you chose either stripes or polkadots. Now after rereading the blog I realize it was stripes AND polkadot challenge. It reminds me of that old commercial ... where they have to change the name from sign& drive to sign THEN drive. lol... well back to the drawing board.

I had not wanted to do another dress this week because of last weeks challenge. Unfortunately, because of the mix up I couldn't use some of the pieces I had created for this weeks outfit. I didn't want it to feel like I was throwing polkadots on top of an already made outfit. It's not a good idea to do with any outfit, but especially with polkadots and stripes together. Am i right or am i right?

Well, thats where i'm at, don't count me out!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 1: Project Run [and] Play : Pattern Remix

Happy Project Run& Play everyone! 

I am so excited to be on my game this season & ready to post about my remix on THE FIRST DAY rather than two weeks (*or never) after it's over. booo for procrastination& perfectionism. 
I promise I don't share them because I don't feel like they turned out great. 

Like last season, I was STOKED to do the white sheet challenge. I almost completed an outfit, a pair of comfy fully lined drawstring pants (dyed burnt orange) and jacket that buttoned up the front. First, my pants didn't have enough rise on the waist & were kind of the wedgie-type. Poor girl. Then the jacket dyed a dull brown rather than the fall leaf brown I was shooting for. & from there I completely lost motivation and never even took photos.
The pants sit in her drawer unused& jacket in the closet. slightly used. 

This season I vowed to be different. 

I went big. 
I went bold. 
I even went detailed. 

... and guess what? I really like what I made. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Photos :: A Quick Look at a Simple Gift

Each year, me & the mom's club (as we like to call our little group of mothers) like to get together and have the girls photographed for their grandparents. Unfortunately, each Christmas, budgets also tend to get very tight for each of us. This year, for the FIRST TIME :), I was confident enough to give them a photograph of the girls that I took. We brought them together on a sunny day, laid down a white sheet facing one of the huge picture windows & snapped away.