Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Run (and) Play Challenge 4 Valentines Day

No luck for nice weather to shoot photo's in. 

I feel like we're living seaside with all this fog. 

I've been re-arranging the kitchen lately. I have plants all over the table deciding where to put them next. It probably started because we had dinner with a wonderful woman from my husband's job& she had her house decorated so nicely... it made me come home and look at the house with new possibilities. 

Do you love the sprinkle leggings?
It was at Joann's and I saw it some 3 times in a row thinking about how awesome it was. 
valentines day was a reallly good excuse to buy sprinkle fabric. 

I played with the idea of keeping the skirt closed but I am, above all, a lover of all things functional. I could totally see monster getting annoyed easily with unbuttoning part then needing to also pull it over her head. Too many steps = she won't ever want to wear it, & what's the point in that?? 

It's exactly why I didn't make the jacket of sprinkles I envisioned. She NEVER wears jackets. We step inside and they go flying.. on the couch, over a chair, crumpled in the corner. 
no no no. 

The skirt is two layers, one grey ... i'm not even sure what it is.. satin-ish but not as soft?? lol The second is a sheer woven yellow that I purchased at the salvation army for something like 99 cents. 

The black is totally my sweatpants :)

 I used blue thread on the grey fabric to highlight the blue bicycles seats. 

Those babies are hand tucked. I have never really honed my gathering skills & they always seem to end up uneven. So, I enjoy having the ability to move and eyeball and readjust with pins. I've tried that with gathering & I must be heavy handed because I break the thread nearly every time. 

Have I mentioned that I recently purchased a serger?
&the price tag was just right at $150, found on craigslist. 
It needed a manual, which I was able to find in less than 5 minutes for free online. The internet rocks. 

It's a Brother Lock 929D. 
Lovely little guy I call Nessie. I was really surprised that threading it was easy. I'd always been told that it was the biggest task to overcome. My husband hung out with me and let me read the directions out loud to him, that totally helped. 

Look how lovely the inside of this dress is. 
I look at it and I swear it's like falling in love. 
It's so CLEAN. 

It's made my sewing life a bazillion times better. 


  1. I would have never thought to pair the gray and the yellow. But I think it is a fun combo. And that sweet bycicle fabric is really fun! Smocks are so great all of the time! Great job Momma!
    with love

    1. I swear I've clicked the link to look at your entry at least 5 times & it keeps failing to open. It's torturing me with a thumbnail of cuteness! Thanks so much for the kind comment, I'm planning a baby shower of grey and yellow which had me antsy to use that rather than classic pink&red for the outfit. <3

  2. I love this! SO cute! I absolute love the different mix of fabrics!
    YAY on your new serger!! I realllly need to get one.

    1. Thank you! I always thought "i can live without a serger." I was wrong, it was meant to be in my house! lol

  3. Cute fabrics! (And adorable model) My daughter is the same way with jackets. Heck, sometimes she's that way with CLOTHES in general. haha!

    1. Anything to de-clutter right? If naked was the new "thing" my daughter would be ahead of the curve, she's a less is more type lady.

  4. I was so excited when I got my first serger! I love finishing seams!!! I just bought the 1034d Brother serger and can't wait to be successful at rolled hems! :) Still trying to get the hang of that one! :)

    1. Can't wait to see how you like the new machine. My hubby was planning on buying me some crazy expensive one for xmas and I told him DON'T! it was way too much pressure! I'd much rather get my foot in the door with an inexpensive one& once it's mastered move up to another model. BUT i will say, if brother brand is all like this i'm hooked. <3 (oh rolled hems, so lovely)

  5. I love every ounce of this outfit! I love the color combo and those sprinkle leggings! I love how you accessorized it with that super adorable model too! :D She totally rocks this outfit!

  6. Love the color combo! She looks great!

  7. This is darling. And you are so right to keep it functional. Kids just want what they want out of their clothing. Easy on, easy off that's the way it works around here!

  8. Very cute and I love your color/fabric choices. Isn't fun to get new sewing things...I love how you described looking at the inside of the dress:)

  9. I love those sprinkle leggings. I've been eyeing that fabric at Joann's for awhile. :)

  10. i ADORE this dress! it reminds me of some doll clothes i had for my blythes. sooo cute!! <3


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