Friday, February 17, 2012

March Birthday Cards& other musings

4 weeks until Archer is due to come& what am I busying myself with?
Oh, there are a lot of things. The car seat& stroller set came yesterday& thanks to the hubby it's put together and waiting to be wheeled about. 
Finished his blanket and matching boppy cover. 
But yesterday I looked at my [wonderful] birthday calendar/card organizer and found that in March alone we have some 5 birthdays. 
So I pulled out all of my supplies and started to make cards hoping that it will curb any frustration for when he first gets here so I'll be able to relax and spend much needed time with our little man. 

I thought to share them with you, enjoy <3

I wish these notes would have stamped a bit cleaner.
Sorry Grandma!

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