Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines Day Dress

After successfully making my first mens dress shirt ----> toddler dress I thought I was set to make another one. Wow, these things are fun but the pattern you use makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Let me go into detail :
1. Do NOT use a knit dress as your pattern dress. The men's button up doesn't stretch (i'm smacking my head with this one, its a huge DUH moment)
2. Make sure you add seam allowance, especially to the armpits
3. If all else fails, have scraps and your thinking cap handy because you might just need to get crafty. 

So here's my second go at this project.   :)

Finished Dress; It has a lot more flair to the skit but
was hanging quite flat.
At the end I added the heart to the breast so it would be super lovey for Valentines Day. 

I had to add these little heart buttons
I grabbed at Joann.  Too cute. 
I DID get the arm sleeves right this time around. Just used the old noggin and remade the pattern a little to fit the this style. I had to gather the arms a bit since they were larger than the armpit opening. 

Side of the dress

Above is where I managed to sew the dress too small (YIKES) and in order to give it some more width I dove into my scrap pile and found an approx 4 in strip of the side of a tshirt that I had cut up. Cut it in half and used the 2in. strips on each side to make it larger. Then just to add some detail, I put the XO in white with felt on top

I was so happy to finally make a simple little tag to put inside. Although
this was the quick messy way to make one (with stamps and fabric paint)
it will certainly do for now.

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