Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank You Thank You Thank You

How many curve balls can this winter throw us? Last week we experienced 55-60 degree weather and then today it dumped 4+ inches of snow. It was absolutely beautiful though! 

The lovely view I woke up to!

Enjoying a quiet snowy Saturday in the house!

Since the hubby was on his computer and the roomie was gaming, I decided to make my MIL a Thank You for last weeks shower. She put so much effort into making it a success and it turned out amazing  wonderful perfect. 

I had trouble figuring out what the outside should look like: I
decided on something simple.

I'm back to my all time favorite; pop up cards. Though
I've done a few more intricate cards, I really
enjoy very simple pop ups. 

This one came from a children's book I found at an antique shop. It was
really torn up but I loved the pictures in it. 

I thought it turned out quite lovely. Though I would like to get better at layering the front. I'm still working into my techniques, but I love it!

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