Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smashbook !!

I've been loving up my smashbook lately. Probably because CHA and checking out all the new products they have come out with; a baby book smashbook?? Oh this could be fun! 
I felt like if I was going to invest in a *new one then I should probably be better about using the one I got um, last august? I've thrown things here and there in it, but lately I've been printing quite a few photos and trying to incorporate them into the book. 

**note: Walgreens is terrible when printing instagram photos. Any suggestions as to a better place to print? 

So here's my work in progress: I love pulling in techniques I see from the master scrappers (scrapbookers who I am constantly amazed by).

Top Left: picture and leftover button from lily's Valentines dress:: Picture
she drew for me that folds out:: Top Right: love this technique used
by KP where you cut up a pic and round the corners
Bottom Left: Article on Plastic containers (they are BAD) that
I wanted to keep:: Photo of the snow we got <3

Top: Lily in her 3d Glasses at Beauty & the
Beast 3d. Middle: little photos she's drew me last year
Bottom: a quick car picture she drew of her half
sister that was adorable. 

Random photos from a wedding my husband was
in; they had a photo booth and it was a hit.
I love the mustaches they provided. 

More wedding booth photos: Me & my neice.
She's super fun!

For Valentines Day i put together this about Lily.
I just wanted to stop and remember why she was
so special & how I felt about her on a day
devoted to showing L<3ve

Oh hello Hawkeyes, how I adore you. A quick remembrance of
a game I attended. Makes me realize I need to stop and take PHOTOS!

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