Wednesday, February 15, 2012

*New & IMPROVED Valentines Day Dress (take 2)

HOOOORAY! I was able to finish Lily's Valentines Day dress (as I have mentioned:: this is #2 due to the original dress being too snug in the arms:: poor girl didn't have any room to move) ... I'm really glad this one was a success and we were able to put it on her for the big day, despite setbacks such as an accident while trying it on the night before vday which = mom doing laundry till 10pm :/

Valentines Day Dress made from a Mens Button Up

I keep these pouffy skirts in almost every basic color
because she loves big dresses and I can instantly make
any ::regular:: dress super big and pretty. 

Tiny heart buttons purchased at hobby lobby for 1.99
in the candy isle of all places??

Added the lace trim the day after i thought it was done,
but I think it made it much better

Instead of stamping with fabric paint,
which proved to be very messy last time:
I used a waterproof ink pad and heat set it
with my iron. 

She's kind of obsessing over this
valentines card because the dog is
a hologram.  

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