Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy First Birthday

Hello, I have been very busy this week. 

I was also computer free for a bit. It wasn't a challenge or anything. Ok, it was a challenge, but I didn't GIVE the challenge to myself. My son who slobbers on anything semi-interesting kept nabbing all of my electronics cords and finally shorted a few of them out. Of course they were my mac and iphone cords because that's just how life works when you aren't ready for it. Right? Right. 

I have been busy working on my daughters spring outfits. I finished drafting and creating the first sleeveless button up. Now I've moved on to the first pair of knickers. I plan on making a couple of each of them, since they definitely fit my style. 

Also, it was my son's first (FIRST!) birthday on Wednesday. Ugh, I was just falling apart the morning of. Crying, sad, and completely feeling like I had lost my baby. Today, I feel a little better. I still don't want him to grow up yet but I'm taking it slow and trying to spend extra time snuggling and playing with him. I also need to buckle down on his baby book.  I keep *making it a point* to do all of these things. 

Thank goodness for instagram or I wouldn't have such lovely photos of them to scrapbook later. 
Here are his birthday shots & also a few others from recently. 
Did I mention this week is the Unplugged week for Small Fry Blog? 
What a great week they picked! It's everyone's spring break (not us homeschoolers, we do what we want! lol) so I know it has been a difficult week for many. It's been great for ours! His birthday and my clingyness as well as my first week not smoking (wooohoo for personal goals!) and it has kept me busy enough to not be a complete monster mamma. 

So, again, here is our *unplugged week. 

 We've done some painting.

Her subjects have become very interesting. Though I don't like to make her have a subject. 

There was a bit of naked playing happening as well. 
After seeing Dana from Made post a photo of her gorgeous little chunker Clara naked I thought, well it IS nice for them to be free and it wouldn't really hurt the floor if he had an accident. 
He loved it. 

On his birthday he seemed bigger than usual. 

I had purchased some knit fabric from online, which happened to come that day. It also just happened to be a great print to do his bday photos on. 
It makes me a little dizzy. 

Dad giving little monster his FIRST BIRTHDAY CAKE. (except I quickly yelled, don't give him the WHOLE thing! Give him one of the cupcakes!) and so he actually ate a cupcake. Am I crazy? There's no way he could have eaten that huge thing, or WORSE, he may have eaten the whole thing and I'd be cleaning up puke in an hour. Either way, cupcake was better. 

I will be back soon with another update on the spring clothing I have been whipping up. 

I hope you all have a lovely FRIDAY!! 


  1. lol If you thought you were bad, you are more than welcome to come and see me on my sons first birthday! He's my last and I'm still slightly in denial that he's growing up! The pictures are adorable and I have some fabric very much like that with the stripes super close that they make you feel dizzy. I'm making the sunshine dress with some! Sorry for the novel! :D

  2. I can't even imagine how emotional I will get when I have my last child & it hit's me that "this is it" for babies. I wish you all the luck in the world mamma! & the fabric is a knit that i've been making everyone matching "jail pants" out of hahaha, it reminds me of the hamburgler. I'll have to come check our your sunshine dress!


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