Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Instagram update (family vacation)

A late night of flying was just what we didnt need. 

One thing i simply love about vacation is that we spoil ourselves by eating at every cool looking restaurant/cafe we want. 

&still sleepy from a late night me&little man napped in the hotel together. 

Walking in San Francisco is such a treat. Everything is inspiring, even the houses. 

The motel we stayed at (ocean park motel) was super cute& had the most beautiful landscaping. 

We took a few hours to explore the Academy of Sciences. Though it was pricey (approx $75 for us all) i walked away feeling the needto return asap. 

I also requested a stop at scrap a resale store for fabric& many other art supplies. I was so happy with my findings! 

Staying with family has also been a blast. The hot tub (just barely heated) made the perfect pool for us. 

And lastly a gorgeous view of an orchard from the backyard makes my day. 

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