Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Polka Dot Dress by Kikoi in Floral

If you have kids you surely have seen the book series "If you give a mouse a cookie..." The same author also writes "If you give a moose a muffin..." and the list goes on... 

This morning felt like the mom version of this story& I decided to call it "If you ask your mom a question..." 
Why ? 
(you may be asking yourself, or not, but lets pretend you are)

Let me tell you! The conversation started like this...

Lily: "Mom, can I put my polly pockets in the basement so Archer won't get them?"

Me: "Well, I really don't want you to keep putting toys into the basement. What you SHOULD do is clean out your cabinet and get rid of toys you don't use so you can put your polly pockets in there." 

So the story goes... "If you clean out your cabinet, you will need to find space for the art supplies that are overtaking the cabinet." 

Which of course led me to reorganize the art supplies in my hallway closet. That led me to clean out the WHOLE hallway closet that was overtaken by unused shoes. I needed to put those shoes into the garage sale bags. Of course that meant getting rubber bands to keep the pairs together. 
The rubber bands were in my silverware drawer that, upon further digging, was a big mess. So I cleaned that drawer out too. 

In the end, I have three de-cluttered spaces but sheesh! If you would have told me that from the 
get-go, I would have just stuck the polly pockets in the basement. 

Now, on to my post!

Today I'm sharing a super cute dress called "The Polkadot Dress" sold by Kikoi on her etsy site
I was lucky enough to get the heads up for a deal she was running. Pin the polka dot dress onto your pinterest board& she would send you the pattern for free. 

uhhh? Yep. 
So last week I received her dress pattern& sewed it up asap. 

Here it is on Lily before I put the buttons on. 
Can you tell I was a bit excited for photos? 

This dress is definitely a good starter for those looking to move into knits. It uses a straight stitch and has no closures. Instead, it pulled nicely over lily's head& left plenty of room for movement through the arms opening. 

I used these clear glass buttons from my stash for the bodice detail. 
It was a tough choice between these and a set of white pearl buttons, but I like that they are neutral and blend well with the busier fabric print. 

It also features some super sweet pockets with embroidered kitty faces. 


Even though this was my first time using knit bias tape & the first time I had made knit bias tape
(patting myself on the back), it went together really quick and looked great. 

Afterwards I realized that I probably didn't have to cut it on the bias since it's a knit (oops) but lesson learned. Next time I won't waste good fabric. 

Speaking of fabric, this is another knit purchased at Denver Fabrics. (Click HERE for their website)
I'm definitely sending my dad and/or sister back to pick out more to send to me. 
I got 3 yards of this floral for $4. 


Hope you are all scoring big on your own projects!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the fabric and those kitty pockets! such a cute dress for a cute girl :)

    1. Thanks!! The kitty pockets had me hooked at first glance, there will definitely be more kitty-fied dresses to come lol!


  2. wow, this is really, really cute! i love the button detail. did you embroider the pockets? i LOVE the print you chose. i just ordered some knit fabric today, but i'll be honest - I'm intimidated by knits? i've had some great experiences with knits... and some really really bad and frustrating experiences. i hope i'll get it right this time!

    1. Yes I did embroider those cute kitty pockets, the pattern actually does a great job walking you through it even though I could have winged it as well! Knits can be awesome, but if you purchase thin slippery ones for your first projects it can get frustrating quick. I tend to go for those types and have had to stop myself (hand slap!) from buying them so I could get a few practice rounds in with the thicker easier knits.



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