Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer KCW :: Day 1

It's been quite a while as I was on vacation and though I began sewing immediately upon my return, my time to sit down and compile posts is very limited. My husband works long hours during the summer months and the few hours each day that I see him is after the children are in bed. So, I have been enjoying my time with him, heading to bed early, and sewing during nap times. I'm such a busy momma, but sewing isn't a hassle... it's an escape. I simply LOVE it. 

Ok, so onto Summer KCW. This is one of my most favorite challenges. I never know what will be going on during the week of KCW, but if I'm anywhere near a sewing machine you better bet I'm working on a project for it. 

Yesterday I spent the day sewing up a knit dress for Lily. She loves soft fabric and I love seeing her get excited over a soft dress. This specific knit is from Denver Fabrics in Littleton Colorado. The store offered a wide variety of knits (which I rarely see) and they were all priced extremely reasonable. 

I grabbed the pattern from Crafterhours in THIS POST that not only has a tutorial but also a free PDF pattern for sizes 12 MO. - 8 YR... whaaa? Yeah, needless to say I was pretty excited. 
Plus, it was such a quick sew. The only thing I noticed was my size 3-4t didn't need the whole 20" of binding. It was just too much, so I used a weird little formula I made up for my rib knit bindings.. I laid the binding over my edge and measure approx. how much I would need, then I pinned it one inch shorter. It worked fine enough for me. :) 

She tried it on last night before bed & then jumped at the chance to wear it to the zoo today. 
& we couldn't have picked a better one ... today was in the 90's not to mention humid. 

So, day 1 came to a finish and was super successful. Today I will likely be sewing for Archer& so when I (hopefully) post tomorrow, you'll be able to see a boys project! 


  1. I made two of these dresses last summer for my daughter who is now 5 too and she loves them, actually wore one today. I also see you live in DSM. I grew up just outside of there and now live in CR. Check out my blog if you get the chance. http://www.heartlandhappy.blogspot.com/ Nice job on the dress, I love the stripes!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I will definitely check out your blog & am so happy to see another Iowa sewist! This pattern was a definite score, free and so nicely put together. I'll be making some more asap.



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