Thursday, July 18, 2013

KCW :: Day 4

Good evening, hope you all had a productive day... maybe your also sewing for KCW! 
(feel free to leave me links to your projects, I love seeing them all!)

Yesterday I didn't post because I had a pattern cut and ready to sew, but the pattern pieces weren't the same as the directions. I've never had that happen before& I got really sad. So, I sucked it up and started hand-stitching a flower girls dress I've been working on. I got quite a bit done, so it wasn't a total loss. 

TODAY, I decided, should be epic. & it was pretty epic. I made a great tshirt dress using a pajama pattern I had on hand. I make the tshirt like normal& serged a knit skirt to the bottom. Yep, that easy. I could have gone to buy a pattern but I knew I could work with what I have. 

I picked a pajama shirt because I wanted it to be slim& form fitting rather than baggy. 
Lily helped me screen print the stars on the fabric using freezer paper. She thought they were so pretty and I am more than sure this is what made her love the dress.

She normally only gets this excited about a LONG dress (like a princess, duh). 

In fact, she loved it so much that it became difficult to take photos. 
All she wanted to do was jump around and "be a ninja" .. until I told her she was in more of a fashion show, then we were all goooood. 

I picked up this fabric at Fabricate in Boulder Colorado while visiting family. It's the cutest little shop on the East end of the Pearl Street Mall. I spoke with the woman working for quite some time about patterns and sewing related things... I wished I would have known about it while living in Denver. I wanted to take a class SO BAD but couldn't fit it in during the visit.

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