Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer KCW :: Day 3

So I think I was off with yesterday's post... July 15-21 is the challenge. SO, Day 1 would have technically been my cutting, yesterday would have actually been Day 2, and this is Day 3. I thought I was getting a jump start with cutting but apparently not haha. Oh, the mom brain... it never really "ends" when you have the baby now does it? Or at least that's what I keep telling myself!

Yesterday I *almost finished this cute pajama set for Archer. I will be honest& admit that I finished the bottoms this morning (day 4) but I still consider this to be day 3's outfit .... which means there's a completely different project on the ironing board for today. YAY! 

I used my japanese printed cotton (bought at Fabricate in Boulder, Co.) to add this applique to the front. I have been trying to add more FUN to the outfits. It's not always easy to find cute boy prints in knit and instead I have used freezer paper, applique, or other techniques to get some interesting clothing. 

Here's his booty. He's a cloth diapered boy so I made him the size 2t shorts and the top is 18 mo. This leaves him lots more room for ... well stinky business in the shorts if you know what I mean. 

Now, all-together. He romped around the house this morning in it& I felt like a super-mom because I love them so much. Only issue I had was the double needle being a snot & skipping stitches every so often as well as just going straight crazy and creating huge knots. In the end I ripped a few seams, left a few as is, and called it life. :) 

This boy so badly needed another set of pajamas and could use about 2 more to get him through summer. Today, I will be working on a pair of shorts though bc I am not the type to bang out three of the same pattern in a row. I like a little variety in my life and will likely come back to make him another pair later this week or even next week. 

Hope you are all enjoying the challenge, I know I am!

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