Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coastal Cargos in Grey

Is anyone else a huge fan of the Blank Slate Patterns by Melly Sews? 

Was that a silly question? Of course it is. That chick makes some amazingly detailed patterns. 
If you haven't tried them, and you are the type of seamstress who enjoys when some oggles at you while saying "You MADE THAT?!" ... then this is a pattern for you. 

It's none other than the Coastal Cargos, which were released for this last spring. (2013)

I wouldn't suggest it as a beginners pattern because of the amount of pockets, but for me (i'd consider myself a solid intermediate seamstress) it was great. I found it to be straightforward but slightly challenging, which was really fun. 

I started them the last day of KCW but sadly couldn't finish them on time. 

I was amazed at the how they have a "store bought" quality to them. 

The welt pockets were much easier this time.... practice makes perfect, right? 

I may need to adjust the hem again, he was asleep when I finished them up and I was just too excited to show them off to wait! 

  I had the perfect boy style fabric in my stash for the lining. It's nearly the same color grey as the material and had this grunge style to it that went well with the style of the shorts. 

I opted to leave off the cargo pockets, though it was really a tough choice. They are super cute, but I liked the look clean and felt they were basically useless since these are size 18 months. No treasure hunting YET

Since I had already put the pockets together, I decided to save them and make another pair in size 2t, that's just how much I love this pattern. I'm already planning to make another lol! Usually when I finish a pattern, I am kind of spent on it for a few weeks. Probably a symptom of ADD, but I like variety in my life. Not this pattern. I want to make MORE and I wish it came in men's sizes so I could make a few for my husband. 

I'm off to clean up after myself and *possibly* get some housework done. 
It's a sleepover at my house tonight so ...



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  1. LOVE them!!! they have such a clean finish to them! good call on the pockets btw.


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