Monday, July 1, 2013

Vacation to Denver

This week i'm with the kiddos on vacation. We trekked the 10 hrs to Denver (which took us 14hrs)... 2 kids one momma .. It was interesting lol. Here are some of the highlights via instagram photos: 

Goodbye iowa! 

I love seeing the windmills in Adel 

Iphone music was necessary, thanks pandora. 

Lily dominating a corn dog at lunch. 

Using lava rocks for sidewalk chalk at the  rest-stop in Nebraska. 

Finally crossing into colorado. 

A beautiful storm brewing. I miss the skies of colorado, they are some of the most amazing i have seen. 

Finally back together, these cousins adore each other and stayed up late giggling ... I couldn't blame them a bit. They are just too sweet and remind me of my sister& i when we were young. 

Hope you are all having a lovely week wherever you are. Enjoy. 

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