Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Embroidery

It seems like each time the weather starts cooling & blankets come out- the snuggling feeling triggers a switch in me that says "you need to embroider." I assume that it's something to do with that slowing down that winter brings. The inevitable "being stuck inside" that urges me to hunker down and watch a movie while I keep my self creating and happy. I'm also sure that if I learned to knit or crochet that this would likely be a time for that. 

I'm also currently working on a quilt give to me by my MIL that was partly finished. It still needs topstitching (which is where I'm working at) and binding. It dawned on me that I could connect the embroidery & quilting together once I'm finished with this one and create a custom family quilt.  Each square would contain an embroidered event that was memorable for us. 

First one I felt pulled to complete was this little elephant on a ball. Really cute and fitting for my elephant (well, really all animals though elephants may have been the first love) boy. I added his name and birthday around the ball to show the significance. 

I don't think I'll work within any particular color scheme and instead will let each patch create it's own small story. I've actually finished lily's square as well but haven't taken photos of it yet. I really wanted to capture a tiny bit of their personalities in the squares- as they are such different kids. 

Prior to finishing Archer's square I was just picking fun things to do. I have no clue what it will turn into. Maybe a small zipper bag? 

It was after finishing this piece that I decided the squares should be uniform in size and have purpose - bringing forth the idea of the quilt. 
I'm really loving the idea of it and that I am in no rush to finish it. Just a fun, creative, ongoing project to capture the moments that make us who we are. 

I am planning out the wedding square for the day chet and I said our vows <3 ... then I'll really have to think. Maybe one for the trip to florida that we took last May ? We also went to Cali last year and it was Lily, Archer, and I's first time visiting the ocean. I will certainly want to add that. 

What significant memories would you capture? I'm interested to see what others would choose. A favorite book? A big move? Or maybe something much simpler. Hm.

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