Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KCW Day 1

KCW and PR&P at the same time. This is a sewing challenge overload! I'm really blanking on my PR&P look right now. The clothes that I have to upcycle aren't calling to me in the least. I started to upcycle a pair of jeans for my son but the legs are way too baggy. I'm just not feeling like they're worth finishing.

So when I was reminded that it was also day 1 of KCW I felt free - free to sew things that I wanted to sew, not just the upcycle challenge that was bogging me down. So, yesterday I got on creating a swap gift for another Iowa mommy who is due in February. I had contacted her on my IG and offered to send her over some handmade goodies. Then, to my pleasant surprise she messaged me back saying she'd like to trade handmade items. I was over the moon looking at her websites where she sells dolls and digital cards. I've taken a few courses on how to create my own cards/announcements but technical things are difficult for me to learn online and I didn't seem to master the process like I'd hoped to. 

Anyways, I got to working on her swap items last week and wanted to add a little more to it. I decided to use some awesome vintage grain-sack material to create baby bibs. I made one for each of us (twins!  hahaha). 

I should mention that I quickly snapped this photo (the ONLY one) before hearing my 5 yo Lily say "oops" pretty quietly at the other side of the kitchen table. I was a little lost in thought and it took me a moment to glance up at what had happened ... only to feel PANIC TAKE OVER MY BODY. She had spilled a ton a juice onto the keyboard of my laptop and was just staring at it. AAAAAAAGH. 

Thank goodness I immediately cleaned it up, turned the computer off, and allowed all night for it to dry because it's still working. WOW- kids are stressful! So don't mind the half - ass photo, I had other stuff on my mind that took precedent. 

Lastly, I finished up a pair of footie leggings to list in the shop. Yeah, it's not for my kids but it's what needed to be done& they turned out really sweet. I love holding this 6-9 month pair up to a 0-3 month pair and thinking about all the growth that happens in those short months. 

Baby isn't even here yet and I feel like it is growing up too quickly!

If you'd like to check out all the baby items I've been listing in my shop, stop by:

 Although baby items aren't the only garments I'll be listing, it's where I'm focusing my energy right now and it's helping me move through this pregnancy without knowing the babies gender. :)
I'm also open to creating custom orders, so send me a pm if you have something else in mind. 

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