Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The best of the worst 2013

Look who's back! & just in time to ring in the new year!

I just finished reading Elsie Marley's post titled "the best of the worst 2013" and it had me CRACKING UP. I loved the idea and could not help but borrow it!

So, without further blahing on- here's lily's best of the worst 2013 photo!

Left: The first blazer I ever made her & it probably got used 3 times. She wasn't a fan if you can't already tell. 
Middle: PR&P challenge for "It's all in the details." 
Right Top: Bicycle Dress that was another PR&P challenge entry.  I believe that ones from the Valentines Day challenge. 
Right Middle: Little surfer girl wearing an outfit made for her spring wardrobe. 
Right Bottom: PR&P stripes and polka dot challenge ... & my first set of leggings! 

Left Top: Busy NOT wanting to get her photo taken in an upcycle I didn't end up blogging. 
Left Bottom: Another spring wardrobe addition, this time she's totally into posing. 
Middle: WHOA. Testing for kikoi patterns with the red dress. 
Right Top: I'm not even sure what's going on there. Unhappiness? My first attempt at a t-shirt dress. 
Left Bottom: Another Kikoi Patterns test- she was getting the sillies out before getting down to biznass. 

Oh the many faces of my little Lily Mae. 
Happy New Years eve! I hope that my next year of sewing is as fun as this ones. 

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