Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KCW Day 2

 Here we are day 3 of KCW and I'm chugging along slowly. I've had some setbacks people - what's new? I managed to finish this pillowcase nightgown but alas I made it a size too small for my lady 
(sad face) and so it will likely find a good home among my friends who have smaller little girls. BLASPHEMY!

I ended up finishing it just a bit ago as the kids are napping and I've had time to work on things that won't fit my kids. Can you tell I'm frustrated? lol
Oh well, it's good practice, right? 

Another thing that made me laugh a little was that when I purchased this at the thrift shop as a pillowcase for like ninety cents, I thought it was an old pillowcase. Once I was adding the skirt I saw that the tag says Martha Stewart, haha. So it's obviously not old, but dang that lady can design some old looking bedding. 

So that was my Day 2 and part of Day 3. The whole "upcycle challenge" slump isn't letting up either. 
I spent another chunk of last night creating a dress for Lily that was again, too small. I ended up chucking that one into the throw away pile because it required creating knit bias tape and that's just too much work for something she can't wear. 

What's with this slump? 
I think it's mainly that my children's closet is overflowing with clothing right now and when there's nothing that they NEED, I find it difficult to keep sewing up new things to wash, dry, fold, put away... and repeat. I even considered buying a new pattern but with our budget situation being as it is (with the new house we are about to renovate), I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money. 
So send me some sewing juju and help me deslump myself please! 


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