Thursday, January 30, 2014

KCW Day 3 & Upcycle Challenge

Day 3 - A success! 

After mulling over a bazillion ideas that I wasn't feeling, I chose to make Archer a tshirt I originally saw on Pinterest that was similar to this but dip dyed in blues.  

I love the two tone the inspiration shirtmaker used, definitely something to consider for future projects. I chose to do a solid brown version. I made it using one of his daddy's discarded shirts, which sometimes means that it will smell of dads cologne when I make it. <3 

The marching animals are just too stinking cute, I love them! I chose some of Archer's favorite animals. An elephant, rhino, and hippo - then a bear just because. Archer is so sweet, when he talks about rhino's he refers to them as "stomp stomp"'s and stomps his tiny feet. Hippo's are IP-O's. Such a great stage for pronunciation. 

The inspiration shirt featured one animal holding a red balloon that gave the shirt an extra pop of color. 
Rather than following the exactly I added the color pop to the collar using red ribbing contrast for the neck binding. 

He's not the easier to photograph but it fits him nicely. 

He's quite like Lynus in peanuts & drags this poor blanket all over the house with him. My oldest never had a comfort item - Archer has a few! 

I'm so happy to be ending day 3 on a positive note! 

Pattern - Basic Ringer Tee by Peekaboo Patterns
Fabric - Daddy's old t-shirt 
Screenprint - Basic watercolor paint & Freezer Paper


  1. love it! I need to learn how to do the freezer paper stenciling!
    Kristi - kopykat

    1. It's so stinking easy! If you buy the freezer paper at the grocery store (or target or any place like that) it has the directions right on the box. You can find it next to the foil & wax paper & all that good stuff. & thanks so much!


  2. He's getting too big!! Love the shirt! I'm so glad you got it done to link up! :D

    1. Oh my goodness, what a week of failures! I'm also glad I was able to end it with SOMETHING that I felt proud of. Sometimes you just can't catch a break!

  3. I absolutely love how simple this idea is! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! It's such a simple concept and that's exactly what I needed this week - something simple!



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