Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Embroidery - Lily's Family Quilt Square


I'm back sharing another square from our "Family Quilt" that is in progress. I really need to trace another square and get working- it's been almost two weeks since I finished this one and I have yet to really nail down plans for the next one. 

I guess I just got busy sewing for baby& trying to catch up on scrap booking Lily's year being a 5 year old. I realized the other day she'll be turning 6 in May and I have yet to put ONE PHOTO in her 5yr. old album. How sad! I also ordered another copy of "The Belly Book" to fill in for this baby. Thank goodness I've been using an iphone app to track different aspects of the pregnancy. I thought to myself, if this baby is a girl she will be awfully sad looking at the pathetic amount of memories captured of her time in my belly. Is it just me or am I the only one who thinks that girls appreciate the memory albums more? 

Anyways, back to the square! 
Lily is my pony loving, pink and purple obsessed, girly girl. She's certainly tough, but when it comes to "girl stuff" she's got it down. I found this super cute little pony (it was actually two) and thought it was perfect for her. She helped me pick the colors and of course pink and purple were immediately brought up.  She also requested that one pony be both a unicorn and pegasus rather than having two. So I meshed the ponies together to form one super-pony. 

Following suite with Archers square, I added her name and birthday. 

I've left them pretty simple, but I think there will be a few squares that shine and have a greater amount of detail- like Chet and I's wedding square. 

I was also pretty proud of how well I was able to transfer the lettering I liked onto the square. I didn't have the patience to scale and trace so I just looked at the coordinating letters and made them work.

And work it did.
I'll try and sprinkle these embroidery posts in between my regular sewing posts, I have quite a few back-logged sewing posts that need to be shown. I've made lily her second pair of skinny jeans, Archer's got a new 2t shirt (wow he's getting BIG!) and there's my Winter Wonderland link up post for PR&P that needs photographed and blogged.

Goodness, wish me luck getting it all done!

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