Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCW Started off with a BANG

Hi all, it's the first  second day of KCW & because I was so excited I started cutting my patterns out Sunday. 

I cut out a pair of bubble shorts, a lovely infant peasant dress, a new tank for Lily, and I  am still on the hunt for a great fabric to make my son a basic blazer. In addition, I've been sewing the first "mom" outfit for a series that is going on in May on the Shaffer Sister's Blog.

went fabric shopping ... hello clearance!

See, I even tidied up my sewing room!

Then yesterday, in the middle of sewing, I went to my serger to change out the color (yeah, I was being totally proactive) and found my chaining tongue's mount (referred to as the stitch tongue holder?) had split clean in half. UUUUUUGH! I had LITERALLY JUST put my new upper knife on that morning after an ebay debacle. I had been waiting some three weeks for the piece only to get my money back and have to reorder and wait for another shipping date. Blah. 
NOW, I have this piece broken. 

Does anyone know if I need it to serge or if I can manage without it until the piece comes?? 
It sounds totally ghetto but the delivery isn't coming until friday at the earliest and that's almost the WHOLE KCW

Not acceptable. 
Well, no matter what I will be forging ahead. 

Well anyways...
Yesterday the kids and I went to the Des Moines Botanical Center for Earth Day. 
We have been doing a ton of Earth Day activities including recycled crayons, garlands to decorate the house, and lots of gardening projects. 

I was so lucky to win an awesome prize package from Alida Makes for her Calling All Kids series.  I got three PDF pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop . & I got to pick them ! 

I picked the Classic Ringer TeeBubble Shorts, and I let Lily pick out a swimsuit.. she chose the Santa Monica Sweetheart Tankini & I was very happy.

 So far the t-shirt has been awesome. I not only sewed up this black and white striped version for Lily's Spring/Summer wardrobe, but I have also been making them in tank form for Archer. I simply left the sleeves off and slimmed the shoulder seems a little, oh & I also cut the neckline at the front markings for both the front and the back. 

The Bubble Shorts also got made immediately because I was already planning on buying a pattern for them to add to her looks. (it's been in my sketches for a few months).
I will say that I really love how they put them together. The tank is included in this. I have used other patterns before and I really like how simple and easy they were written. I haven't worked a ton with knits so being able to create shirt after shirt without issue is a dream come true!

Alright, well I will be doing as much sewing as I can with the machines I have available. Hopefully I can jump back in with both feet before the week comes to an end. 



  1. Mae - thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's great to "meet" fellow Iowa bloggers. Your kids are adorable. I'm very jealous of your sewing skills, still a beginner here.

    1. I totally understand the feeling of being a newbie, heck I still feel like one a lot of the time! I grew up sewing doll clothes etc but have only gotten back into sewing for a few years. Thanks for coming by, if you ever need any sewing advice I'm here!


  2. I am in AWE of your talent!! One time....in the 7th grade.....I made a surfboard pillow with black felt footprints on the top....when I sewed the front & back together.... I sewed in the poor dude's toes into the seam....I got a C-, my teach was feeling generous.

    1. HAHA, oh no. I was seriously lacking in my high school sewing class, but somehow I've learned to slow down enough to enjoy creating something that takes so much attention. Everyone kept their toes of course :)



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