Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I QUIT! & Other things ...

We are enjoying some amazing weather here in Iowa. 
Yesterday it was like 70! Ok I actually didn't check the temp (I usually don't) but it FELT that warm so I hurried and packed a yummy lunch for the kiddos and we were off the the zoo. 
Even though we've gone 3x in the last few weeks, it isn't getting old AT ALL. 

Did I tell you guys I quit smoking
Did you even know I was a smoker?? (I hope NOT)

Well, it's been a battle for years. Probably since High School. 
Both of my parents smoke, all four of my grandparents were smokers, all my sisters smoke, etc etc etc. 
Some have quit, some have started again, and some aren't with us (my grandmother passed away from emphysema which is caused by smoking and I was very very close to her). 
I don't want that for myself or my children and so for my son's first Birthday last month, I quit
I even told my four year old cause who's better at keeping tabs on you than a four year old?! 

So, three weeks or so into this & there are DEFINITELY days where I struggle. 
I kept telling myself that quitting will allow me to be less stressed and more apt to take a breath and find a good solution rather than just "step outside" as I use to call it. That obviously never solved the issue, so how could I go wrong? 

Ok it went wrong. 

Smoking didn't reduce my stress like I thought it would. It did, a little, but not that much.
 I might just be an ubberly stressed person or it could be my battles with anxiety? I'm not sure, though I feel like it must be influenced more by my genetics than the environment. You seriously don't want my family history, it's riddled with men&women who have battled with anxiety depression substance abuse etc.

So, I've been struggling and overcoming the urge to say F*** IT! and start again because that certainly won't do me any good and instead I keep reassuring myself and reminding myself of the reasons I chose to quit. My health, my children, our quality of life... and adding anything to the list that I can along the way. I'm more determined than I have ever been to quit for good. 

Ok, so to the fun& photos of what's new...

From left to right:
1. I found this awesome piggy bank that had chinese painted on the bottom. It's a panda bear holding a ball& I think it's awesome for Archer's first piggy bank. 
2. This is our rainforest exhibit at the zoo & every so often it pours rain into the amazon river tank... lily happened to bring her umbrella that day& the sting ray was posing for a photo too!
3. My dad came from Colorado to visit us& hadn't seen the zoo in years. We all went together & had so much fun. <3
4. My dad stood in front of the lizard tank and said, "It says there's lizards in there but it's empty." UM, except this one RIGHT HERE ON THE GLASS hahaha! It was less than a foot from his face, classic dad moment. He makes me laugh like crazy. 

We watched the birds build their nest. I like that it was by the exit sign, it seemed fitting. 

and for those of you who aren't following me on instagram (lovexxmae) ... here's some of what I've been updating:

Yesterday's cry moment was a great photo op. My little girl gives the best looks& they make me laugh a lot. 

I had to snap a quick photo of him& I since it seems like I never make an appearance in my photos. 

Lily has been obsessing about wanting to decorate the house. We don't celebrate Easter so Earth Day was next on the calendar (and a GREAT holiday) so we have been going a bit overboard on the Earth Day activities. First were these Earth&Heart Garlands that went up around the house. I found blue paper& had her sponge paint it. Then using a little circle punch we cut out all of the earth. Used a heart punch on the red&pink paper then she helped me run them through the sewing machine. I think that was her favorite part. 

Last, but not least, this is another addition to my spring collection for lily. 
A pale yellow pinafore dress with navy blue and gold fabric as the lining. It's absolutely gorgeous& matches the muted yellow stripes on the blue&yellow fabric I used for the knickers. I also made an awesome set of bubble shorts in the leftover material. Those will be photographed soon, they need to be washed first& I am extremely excited to show off the final mix&match looks. 

Ok ok ok.. this post is quickly becoming a book so I will let you get back to your week. 
Thanks so much for stopping by& please leave me a comment if you have a moment. I so love hearing from you& having awesome crafty friends to discuss my obsessions with. <3


  1. lol Well, I enjoyed reading your "book". Good for you and I wish you the best of luck in quitting! We havn't been to the zoo forever. It looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. Oh, and did you use a pattern for the pinafore? It's darling! Love the pale yellow. :D

    1. I didn't use a pattern, but making my own was really really simple. I just took my daughters chest measurements and divided it by 4 (because the bodice front is half of her measurement& then half of that because it will be cut on the fold). Then i decided how wide I wanted it to be. Lastly I created the bumps on the top of the bodice where the buttons attach, added my seam allowance& cut matching rectangles for the back of the bodice. The bottom was simply a huge rectangle that I didn't even measure. Hope that helps!


    2. It turned out adorable! Thanks for giving me the rundown. I'm going to have to try it! :D


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