Monday, July 28, 2014

Plush Pony (take 2) in Floral

Not long ago I made an adorable plush Fox Lovey for my newborn, which got me thinking about the first plush toy I ever made, a pony for Lily Mae. I kept going back to it in my head thinking about how I learned so much from it and had so much fun creating it. I began planning #2 in my head, well here she is. 

You can view the Fox Lovey HERE 

& the first Plush Pony HERE

That first pony is still getting major love from Lily. This time around I created a pony to sell. 

Though I really didn't plan to make it in the same color scheme, it ended up that way. 
I have been itching to use some fabric picked up at a local garage sale and so I chose a blue floral cotton print. There's tons of it still left, so I'm sure it'll show up somewhere else in the future. 

I love the extra love that goes into them by hand screen-printing the eyes, the hand embroidery used for the eyelashes and cutie mark, and also the slow process of creating the mane. (yes, I really do enjoy pulling each piece of yarn through)

I used a two toned look for the hair by adding blue yarn as streaks. I considered doing the entire mane blue, but felt it was an overkill. It looks great as highlights though! 

If you're interested in purchasing a custom pony, message me in my Etsy shop by clicking HERE!
Prices will vary depending on fabric, yarn, and intricacy of the design. 


  1. Cute! I like the highlights in the hair. I haven't tried an animal or doll with yarn hair yet, not sure I have the patience for it. What is the eye made out of? I read the post about the other pony and didn't really understand. does the paper stay in place or is it just used to transfer the paint onto the fabric?

    1. Hey Emily, sorry this response took so long! I had tried previously and something wasn't allowing the reply box to come up. The freezer paper works as a stencil, you cut an image out of the paper that you would like to be on the fabric (for the eye I cut out an oval), then when you paint the details inside the eye, anything outside of the oval won't get paint on it. When you iron it on, it creates a seal, it's pretty awesome. Actually, if you buy Freezer Paper at the grocery store, the directions are right on the side of the box!


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