Saturday, July 26, 2014

KCW Day 4 - Skirt & More Embroidery

Day 4

I'm still chugging along getting in at least an hour a day, if not a bit more. It's hard to tell sometimes when I'm able to pick it up for 10 minutes at a time here and there and then again at nap time. 

On day four I was able to cut and put together the skirt portion. Lily picked a bright pink fabric and I laid it across the kitchen table for her to doodle on. 
The control freak in me was wanting to give some sort of directions like - keep it simple or something like that so I wouldn't be overwhelmed with the amount of drawings she wanted to do. 

BUT in the spirit of Frozen, I "Let It Go" and allowed her to do whatever she wanted. I simply held the fabric in place so it was easier for her to draw. She didn't even go nuts, but what she drew has had me laughing ever since. Me with a banana? Check. Dad holding "a walkie talkie you can watch videos on"? Check. Our light fixture over the kitchen table. Check. 

I'm happy to be embroidering these gems into place! 
So, I'll be working on these for the next couple of days and hoping to get the entire dress finished for day 7!

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