Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crawford Family Quilt: Earth Day Square

I've said it again and again - in our house, we love Earth Day! 

I'm not one to decorate, but when Earth Day comes around we go the extra mile and create banner, t-shirts, even embroidered quilt squares. Part of it is because we just don't like all the "stuff" and secondly it's because their aren't many holidays we celebrate. 

All the more reason to really highlight our FAVORITE holiday by adding it to our family quilt. 

For this square I got fancy. 

First I used an embroidery pattern online to create the cute smiling Earth donning the tag Made with <3. 

Then, I found a Spring Sampler embroidery pattern full of flowers to fill in around and have some fun with colors. 

I really enjoyed playing with different stitches to create the flowers. It was a relaxing project & I really like how it turned out. 

It's inspired me and now I want to go back to some of the past squares and spend time making them more intricate. I'll likely add to the already cute designs, especially the squares I've created for the kids. They would look great with a few more designs that go with their personalities. For example, Lily loves to read. I'm planning to add a book to hers to represent it! 

In the meantime, I'm finishing a present for my mom and have nearly finished that as well! 

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