Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy Basic Knit Tee

Last weekend was my husbands birthday. 
A big one too, this year he's

3 0 !

As my blog shows, he's never really benefitted from all the time and effort I put into sewing. 
He's a big reason I get to have free time in order to reach my last minute deadlines (you know the ones that come each week).

So for his 30th I wanted to make him something. 
My guys a pretty simple man. He likes t-shirts and jeans and occasionally a button up. 
He's also average height but quite skinny so his tees tend to shrink and become too short. 
If he sizes up they're much too large around& he gets swallowed up in the excess fabric.

I wanted to take all those things into consideration and make him a sweet basic knit tee that fit him right. Boy I was sweating this one. It's a pattern I hadn't used before (the pete tee by burdastyle, free on their site). I ended up tracing the size small shirt with the length of the size medium & guess what? 

I washed the fabric prior to sewing so I'm hoping it doesn't shrink.
He liked it so much he wore it right away.

In all honesty I may pull the rib knit off of the neck and shorten it about a half an inch. The pattern didn't give any specifications for size so I measured the neck& subtracted 2 inches from that number, though I feel like it's still a smidge big. (that's a technical term btw)

In the end I am really pleased knowing I can successfully make him more basic tees that fit him well and don't leave him looking like this:

I always joke with him & say if his shirts shrink a little more he'll end up like this. 
It doesn't seem to scare him (yeah it raised flags for me too). 


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