Friday, November 29, 2013

Recess Raglan in Green & Black

I thought I'd shock you all by showing you Archer's newest Recess Raglan that is NOT an upcycle. 
Yeah, weird, I know. 

But, that's ok. I still didn't have to purchase anything to make it. All this was in my stash (and much much more yikes!).  One thing I love about raglan tees is that you can highlight a super cute print fabric by only using it for the sleeves. Great for seamstresses who tend to be print shy (like myself). And, it's exactly what I did ...

I really loved this fabric, but when using prints I can easily feel overwhelmed by the busyness of them. I see other sewers match prints together seamlessly in a gorgeous way... but I just don't do well with it. I'm ok with that, everyone has their own style, right? 

Like many shirts in Archer's winter wardrobe, this is made from the Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew. 
Another reason I love raglan tees is that they are such quick sews. Those who are new to knits can struggle with the curved shoulder seams, but with raglans you bypass all that. 


I took quite a few photos of this garment. Not really sure why, other than I just really like it. 
I cannot wait to make a pair of pants for him to wear with it. I have found he could use some flannel lined pants to protect him from the Iowa cold. Once the wind gets whipping, it can be pretty killer. 


I got this fabric at a super awesome store called Scrap San Francisco, which is a non-profit art supplies restore located in San Francisco, California. Though it's a little difficult to find, it's so worth it. I wish we had one closer to me. I got a grocery bag FULL of fabric/buttons/zippers and only paid $10. I felt like I was stealing it at that price so I ended up giving a donation on top of the that. lol 
Now that's my kind of shopping trip. 

See you next time!

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