Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Instagram Update

Oh, hello! 
Here's a quick little Instagram update before I run off to make the kids some lunch. 

For Halloween Archer was Max from the Where the Wild Things Are. 
He rocked that crown like a pro. 
(the kid loves accessories)

Lily chose a similar fairy-tale route by choosing to be the Big Bad Wolf, which she renamed the Big Nice Wolf because she decided she wouldn't blow anyones house down. 

For me, some new bangs. I got tired of sweeping the big hair mass I called bangs to the side and finally after many many many years, I got the courage to cut them into full bang mode. 

As for dad, you saw his birthday shirt earlier this week. I'm still adding it because I can and I'm really proud to have made my first mens garment. 

Another round of successful muffins left my kitchen. 
Anyone who knows me well should be making some sort of shocked noise right now. 
I could officially be the worst baker ever but these baby's are amazing. 
I'm not just saying that because I have low standards either. 
Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (some of them I added walnuts to for EVEN MORE amazingness). 

Me & the monsters getting a quick photo in before heading off to a birthday party. 

Me & hubby made some great ham & bean soup last Sunday so this week I cooked it up and made a grilled cheese sandwich with it. I like to put garlic powder on the butter before cooking the sandwich... it's like garlic bread grilled cheese. 

A big mailer came with my name on it. Having sewing friends really pays off. That Esme top will be coming in handy these next few months. The rest may have to wait though. lol

Lastly, "mom is sweet."
A little note I received from my biggest fan surrounded by dinosaurs. 
It certainly perked up my day. 

Hope you all are having a lovely humpday and doing something interesting. 
As I said, I must run to make grub or my monsters may eat me instead. 



  1. i see my reglisse pattern!!! can't wait to see you sew some of these up! love your new bangs, and that picture with the kidlets is cute!!

    1. Yes, it's in there. I haven't gotten to that one yet sadly. I can't wait to get started making MYSELF some clothing. WOOHOO!



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