Friday, November 22, 2013

Sweater Upcycle: Mittens

Yesterday I showed you my subpar sweater upcycle. 

I was really sad about it the evening I finished, and I sat looking at the scraps of sweater (still not cleaned up, don't judge me). I felt compelled to make something that actually made me feel good. 

So, I grabbed up those scraps (yay for procrastinating cleanup!) and my Oliver + S pattern for mittens and created a purple sparkly pair that made me feel better. 

Sometimes after a not-so-successful project I need a quick pick me up. 
This did just the trick. I simply cut the pieces as I normally would, but before I sewed them up I took an extra few moments to serge around all the edges. Well, except the bottoms that were pre-finished. That way they won't be riddled with holes after a few uses. 

Too bad I promised them to Lily because they totally fit my tiny hands& I was tempted to keep them. 
(sad face)

That's ok, they only took me around 20 minutes to sew up and that means I can always get busy and make a pair for myself! 

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

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