Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweatshirt Upcycle: A-Symmetrical Jacket

Today I'm sharing yet another upcycle. 
I have a large box overflowing with clothing items that need to be shown some love& this winter they're definitely getting it.

This particular project began it's life as an ill-fitting Hanes sweatshirt that I purchased cheap. I thought it  was comfy until I washed it & it shrunk in length (not width) leaving me this odd oversized crop-top style sweatshirt. Into the box it went. 

Using the Jude Jacket by Shwin as my starter, I added length to the front opening on one side, shortened the other, and redrafted the collar to be seamless. I also pulled the sides in a bit since the pattern was made to be a coat and this jacket needed to be more form fitting.  Because I was able to use the original hems, it was such an easy project! 

I've had this exposed zipper in my stash for quite some time and decided it needed to be used. 
Oh, and do you like my blatant bribery?
I would ask, "Can mommy take your picture?" and he would promptly yell "NO!" and turn away from the camera. I have never encountered in all my years being a T.A. a little boy who screams as much as mine. It's an ear-splitting screechy little cry that can either mean bad things are happening, good things are happening, or he just wants to be loud. 

It's definitely encroaching on my phone calls to the family. It seems like every time I go to talk to my sister (or really anyone), he chooses to start it up. It's a quick conversation killer. 

Anyways, the sweater turned out even better than I expected. I believe this is my first time placing a zipper into knits, which really wasn't too bad. 
I had to really make sure the fabric didn't stretch as I put it on and I think I did a pretty good job of it. Only slight warping occurred. I mean, I can tell, but I doubt anyone would say anything. (so don't say anything) 

Alright, I'm ready to go head up and work on another project. I've been so productive lately & have no clue why I had the sudden burst of inspiration. 
Just sit back and enjoy the regular postings. 


  1. I just love this Mae!! Soooo perfect! And he is too cute. Screeches and all (I can say that cause I don't hear them!) ;)

  2. I think he's starting to move PAST the terrible screeches. Now he's whispering and I'm enjoying that MUCH more.



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