Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Simple Retro Pink Vest

Moving along with last week's productivity is a few new projects that traveled from my brain, through my fingertips, under the needle of my machine, and here to be shared with you. 

A goal of mine has been to create outfits rather than pieces. That way, they are useable within her wardrobe and I don't stare at her closet thinking WHY oh WHY did I choose that fabric? She has NOTHING to go with it! Same for my son. It's the curse of thinking specific rather than look at the larger picture. 

I may love the fabric for that specific garment but if it doesn't fit into the grand scheme of their wardrobe, what use will it be? So, this week I'll be showing you two pieces that were made to go together to form a fall/winter outfit. 

First up...

I decided to start by showing you the vest rather than the bottoms for the outfit because... I don't know because I did. It just seemed to fit. 

The material is a vintage wool (I think?) that came donated from family. Gotta love that donated, interesting, don't know exactly what it is fabric. Or at least I do. 
I lined it with a white linen& chose some cool buttons for the front. My daughters love is easily won by pretty buttons& pink. 

 I paired it with a sweet thrifted Beatles tee that hadn't been used much prior to the making of the rest of the outfit. I think I purchased it more for my son but since it was a size 4t and Lily can still wear that size, it was hanging in her closet. She doesn't tend to wear white tees, but paired with her new pink vest, she's ready to roll. 

So tell me, do you tend to successfully create pieces or do you create a whole outfit?? 


  1. Love that little vest AND the Beatles shirt!

  2. Thanks lady! I'm def a beetles fan. I can't help but show love for some of the first real music I could ever play on my flute lol!



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