Thursday, December 5, 2013

Floral Skinny Jeans

So, Tuesday I showed you guys the pink vest & thrifted shirt that made up the top portion of Lily's fall/winter outfit. Today I'm going to show you the killer skinny jeans created to go with them. 

Though I've had mixed feelings about Peek-A-Boo patterns, this one needed to be tried. I consulted with other sewing women about the fit/directions before attempting them and found that at least one other woman had sewn them in a size 5 (the size I created) and had good results. So, I went to work and was pleasantly surprised. 

The detail stitching was awesome in them and creates a very professional look once completed. It wasn't without a hitch though. The pocket lining and main piece didn't match up by about 1/4 of an inch, but since the seam allowance was 1/2", I was able to pay close attention when sewing the side seams so that I could catch the smaller lining. I also found that when I got to the waistband the directions spoke of a pattern piece with direction of stretch when there was no pattern piece for the waistband. The measurement for that were given in a table. I'm not sure where the hiccup was, but keep that in mind and it will save you 20 minutes of scratching your head. 

My daughter is skinny & tall 5.5 yr. old, but size 5 worked great. The adjustable waist allowed them to fit her perfectly & the directions tell you when to stop and measure the width of the legs (completely helpful) before moving onto the waistband. I ended up taking them in and extra 1/4 inch but as I mentioned, she is tall and SKINNY. They looked great without the extra taken off, but I asked her how she felt and she wanted them a little skinnier. Better make sure she likes them or that's 6 hours of sewing wasted.

& Yes, it did take me 6 hours to make them. I doubt the next pair will take that long but I was checking and double checking everything& being very careful to have nice, neat, detail stitching. I think it paid off. I used topstitch thread for the first time & L O V E love it. I even went back and got black for another pair of pants I'm making my son. Make sure you use a topstitching needle if you try it. They make a huge difference and your machine will be much happier!

Yay for one finished outfit. 
Want to see the whole thing put together? 

Welp, you'll just have to come back next week after I finish creating her brothers look. 
THEN, I will photograph them both wearing their new outfits. (sneaky, huh?) 


  1. These are ridiculously awesome. You're super talented!

  2. Thanks guys! I would reply to each of you individually but blogger is hating on my reply button and isn't allowing me to use it!



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