Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Caroline Party Dress in Deep Blue & Maroon

Well hello.

I've been super duper lucky to have friends in the pattern design world. The best part about it is that they ask you to test, or in this case to pre-test a pattern before they digitize it. &when said pattern designing friend is amazing at what they do, it makes for an especially awesome experience.
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Here's my take on Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House's Caroline Party Dress:

I was given this intricately designed fabric from my MIL & when I got it I couldn't really picture what I'd use it for. I am SO glad I held onto it despite my initial blank because after purchasing 2 yards of blue tulle and 1/4 yard of maroon satin for the collar (cost: $4 total), I had an insanely gorgeous holiday dress for my party loving little girl. 

I added the broach because I love a good broach and it matched so beautifully to the fabric, but it truly doesn't need it. 
The look on my daughter face when she saw the dress was priceless. She immediately started planning when she could wear it. "Maybe," she said "I can ask grandma to take me to dinner tonight." Along with about five other occasions she deemed appropriate for it. I couldn't be more pleased. 

The pattern didn't call for the tiered skirt but a minor mistake led to a change up. Oops. 
Sometimes mistakes can be happy mistakes though!

Lastly here's a close up of the broach.  My half sister acquired it from her grandmother and asked if I'd like to keep it. I don't think it's of any monetary value, but it's just gorgeous. I love the dangling heart and the details around the frame. 
Alright, I better be off. I'll try to update the post tomorrow with photos of my little lovely wearing the dress. I spent about 5-6 hours cooking meals for the week today and simply could not squeeze in the photos. 


The look on her face really sums up her feelings of the dress well. She practices her entrance, spins, bows, and feels extra special whenever she wears it. I'm so pleased with her reaction! 


  1. You have some of the coolest fabrics! Seriously! I can't wait to see action shots!

  2. Very beautiful!

  3. Thanks so much! I laughed because she wanted to sleep in the dress after taking photos today. That's love.



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